Are there skeletons in the closet?

The Gates of Sennen Cemetary, Cornwall, Engalnd

I can understand people when they say they would prefer not to know about their ancestry, who knows what skeletons are rattling away there in the distant past. Are they best left there at peace? Or are they banging on the door wanting to get out!

The funny thing about my venture into this great unknown is that it wasn’t my idea at all. I was asked to do this as a project for the family. So this is for them, my nieces and nephews, now and into the future.

Have I unearthed intrigues? That remains to be seen. It has been an amazing insight into a great unknown, is all I can say.

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I hope you enjoy the site. I must admit I am so pleased I was asked to take on this project and I am so happy to be able to share with you your astonishing family heritage.

Photo for Ann  Uren, Cornwall, England