What on Earth am I doing here!


Gosh, here I am back on my blog post page, and I have promised myself that I am going to get this right. Obviously I am brand new at this and have no idea how to do this.

Just added the photo of my dad, there on the left. I love that photo of him.He had it framed in a cut-off  tip of  a propeller and mounted on a block of perspex. Classic.

Oh a disclaimer on my going forward with this site.

I will not mention anyone living, any ancestors brothers and sisters, uncles or aunts as they are not my own to mention. I will keep privacy to a maximum.

Hello Blogging world. I’m here!! I have really no idea what I’m doing, but I have something in mind. It really is a diary/journal of sorts. Documenting my family tree. Boring I know but I am doing it for my family so they can enjoy the discoveries I have made along the way. As in Yes!! You guessed it, We are descendant from royalty, but illegitimately of course, that makes it all the more exciting. And my the intermarriages that went on, you need a road map to navigate it! So a bit of fun with skeletons in the closet and a good yarn as well.


My dads Great Grandparents I expect. Aren’t they so cute!!!!


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