What on Earth am I doing here!


Gosh, here I am back on my blog post page, and I have promised myself that I am going to get this right. Obviously I am brand new at this and have no idea how to do this.

Just added the photo of my dad, there on the left. I love that photo of him.He had it framed in a cut-off  tip of  a propeller and mounted on a block of perspex. Classic.

Oh a disclaimer on my going forward with this site.

I will not mention anyone living, any ancestors brothers and sisters, uncles or aunts as they are not my own to mention. I will keep privacy to a maximum.

Hello Blogging world. I’m here!! I have really no idea what I’m doing, but I have something in mind. It really is a diary/journal of sorts. Documenting my family tree. Boring I know but I am doing it for my family so they can enjoy the discoveries I have made along the way. As in Yes!! You guessed it, We are descendant from royalty, but illegitimately of course, that makes it all the more exciting. And my the intermarriages that went on, you need a road map to navigate it! So a bit of fun with skeletons in the closet and a good yarn as well.


My dads Great Grandparents I expect. Aren’t they so cute!!!!


A Journey through time

This site is to document my research of the Family History and Genealogy. It has been amazing journey to find out our Families rich history.


Above is a photo of an event which includes Theodemir, King of Galacia, who turns out to be our 43rd great granddaddy!

Born: Circa 530 Death: Circa 570

According to Wikipedia

Theodemir  was one of the last Suevic kings of Galicia and one of the first Chalcedonian Christians. He succeeded Ariamir sometime between the end of May 561 and the year 566 and ruled until his death.

Theodemir has been posited as the first Orthodox Christian monarch of the Suevi since the death of Rechiar and the monarch who brought about the conversion of his people from Arianism to orthodoxy with the help of the missionary Martin of Dumio.

Please go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodemar for more on the subject.

But I do digress, this is blog is about the journey so let me start with the person who put the seed into our minds to look into the family closet. My Grandmother Ivy.




To All my Nieces and Nephews

This Blog is for you, so you will have a greater knowledge of your family and their roots. I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

IMG_0067Here is your Grandpa Gray, when he was young and heroic. He was in the air force in WWII and here he is in front of a plane,  This would have been taken in Canada, when he was over there for training. I think he really loved the air force, but because of stupid blunder on his part he was discharged. I think he “borrowed” an air force vehicle and went skylarking with his mates, he was always a bit of the Aussie larrikin, but that would have got him the sack for sure. I actually have this photo, he framed it in a cut off tip-off a propeller and mounted it on a Perspex block. It is one of my favourites of him, in happier days. He had a girlfriend over there and he wanted to go back and marry her, but that never came to fruition.

IMG_0052And this is your Grandma Gray, at around the same time, but this would have been taken in Melbourne. She was a WRAF gal, and I believe she outranked your grandfather. She was in Melbourne the same time as the dreadful Leonski was, she told me all the girls were absolutely scared to death. But she did have an American boyfriend at the time (so all of them were not crazed serial killers!!) Of course, he went back to America, Mum said he wrote a letter to her to ask for her hand in marriage, she never got the letter, her mother, allegedly tore it up. So there we have the story of love lost in war-time. These two, your grandparents, met at a bus stop, in Melbourne after the war, and both of them knew instantly that they were destined to be together.