A Journey through time

This site is to document my research of the Family History and Genealogy. It has been amazing journey to find out our Families rich history.


Above is a photo of an event which includes Theodemir, King of Galacia, who turns out to be our 43rd great granddaddy!

Born: Circa 530 Death: Circa 570

According to Wikipedia

Theodemir  was one of the last Suevic kings of Galicia and one of the first Chalcedonian Christians. He succeeded Ariamir sometime between the end of May 561 and the year 566 and ruled until his death.

Theodemir has been posited as the first Orthodox Christian monarch of the Suevi since the death of Rechiar and the monarch who brought about the conversion of his people from Arianism to orthodoxy with the help of the missionary Martin of Dumio.

Please go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodemar for more on the subject.

But I do digress, this is blog is about the journey so let me start with the person who put the seed into our minds to look into the family closet. My Grandmother Ivy.





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